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February 8, 2017

Greetings Computer Club Members:

It has been a pleasure to see so many of you at our meetings the past few weeks, hope everyone is having a good year so far.

Thank you to everyone who signed the card for Tom Deno a few weeks ago we hope he is improving and will be able to attend our meetings soon we really miss you Tom.

This is where you can obtain a lot of very useful information and you can do it in your pajamas, from home, it doesn’t cost you anything and you won’t get wet, if it happens to be raining. I try to attend but I am unable this coming Saturday so I will be waiting for the You Tube videos that will be available in a few weeks.


Saturday, February 11

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET

12:00 – 3:00 CT

11:00 – 2:00 MT

10:00 – 1:00 PT

Attend the FREE conference from the convenience of your own home! All you need is your computer, tablet, etc. and Internet access. The sessions are 50 minutes in length and offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions via Q&A; the questions are answered by the presenter at the end of the presentation or via e-mail if there isn’t enough time after the presentation. 
APCUG uses ZOOM for the VTC webinar presentations ( If you have not participated in a VTC, go to to download the app for the device you will be using to ‘attend’ the conference. You should also make sure you have the latest version of Zoom on your device. 
Videos from earlier conferences can be found on APCUG’s YouTube channel
To register for this VTC, please click on the below link:

VTCs are a great way for you to expand your technology experience and be introduced to new skills. Below are the sessions that are currently scheduled.

1 PM ET - TRENDY IDEAS FROM A PROUD TINKERER - Stew Bottorf, Teacher & SIG Leader, Tampa Bay Computer  Society
Stew is a proud tinkerer, someone who grew up building a crystal radio and now dabbles with Linux and open source software. Tinkering today has less positive meanings: beginner, dilettante. loafer, novice, or pretender. Once tinkering positively referred to successful inventors whose discoveries required meticulous trial and error testing. In the spirit of these early tinkerers this presentation covers inexpensive SoC (System on a Chip) devices. We'll look specifically at:
Raspberry Pi and Android SoC devices
KODI Media Player
Digital Signage
plus touch on IoT (Internet of Things)

- Francis Chao, Member, APCUG OLS Committee; WINNERS UG, GSBUG, and the Tucson Computer Society
This is a hands-on demonstration of some simple tricks for making your Windows computer more user friendly and efficient. 
3 PM ET - FACEBOOK FOR YOUR GROUP - Diane McKeever, Author, 101 Amazing Computer Tips
Too many small businesses (our user groups) and organizations just don't know how to capitalize on the free advertising potential of Facebook. Diane will tell you how you can make your group's Facebook page better.
1 PM ET - SOCIAL MEDIA FOR THE NON-TWEETER - Pam Holland, President and Instructor, TechMoxie
Even if you have not yet ventured into the world of Social Media, there is much to learn about how it is shaping communication in personal relationships, business, government and, of course, politics. Pam will give us a tour of and critical look at the most popular social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We will explore the benefits – and risks – in using these sites for breaking news, promoting the arts, research, social connection and communication. Pam will explain many of the new terms that are cropping up along with the new technologies such as hashtag, tweet, and follow.
2 PM ET -  iOS 10 FEATURES FOR iPAD AND iPHONES - Jere Minich, APCUG Advisor, Region 5; Program Chair, Lake-Sumter Computer Society
According to Apple.: "Everything you love is now even better with iOS 10, our biggest release yet...." and Jere will show you what's new for you to love.
3 PM ET - PREVIEW OF WINDOWS 10 CREATORS UPDATE - Bill James, APCUG Advisor, Region 8; Vice President, Computer Club of Oklahoma City Computer Club
Bill will show you what's new in the update, arriving Spring 2017.

The following came to me last week also, and at the direction of the Board I am passing it along to everyone to decide for yourself if you want to participate in this study.

I am a graduate student researcher at the University of Connecticut and I am writing to ask if you would consider posting an invitation to participate in an online research study for the members of the Claremont Senior Computer Club?  My study is a communication instrument that I am developing to help people discuss their treatment histories about their osteoarthritis.  I was hoping that learning how to take an online survey might be something your members might enjoy using as a practice for their new or improving computer skills.

I can answer any questions you would have and provide copies of the UConn Institute Review Board approval for my study. I am looking for people over 65 who have osteoarthritis (the regular wear and tear form of arthritis). Filling out the survey usually only takes people about 10-20 minutes, and all information is anonymous and no names are asked for or recorded.    

Thank you for considering my request!

Jennifer Hehl, RN, MS, CNOR

Graduate Student, University of Connecticut

School of Nursing



In an effort to keep everyone as healthy as possible I am bringing some information to you about where to go for more information and there are links available to register and details about where the classes are held. You need not be a member of Inter Valley Health Plan to participate

Claremont - How Diet Affects Your Heart


10 am

A Cal Poly dietitian graduate student will reveal the latest information on what foods are best for those diagnosed with heart failure or for those who want to know how to eat to keep your heart healthy.

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Claremont - Hands Only CPR


10 am

Deborah Keasler, R.N.M.S., from the PVHMC Stead Heart & Vascular enter, demonstrates this life saving method. The signs and symptoms of a heart attack are also included in the presentation.

Read Full Story

Remember this is where you will find everything of importance concerning our Club activities.  The upcoming program schedules for our meetings are also listed, as well as the Class schedules, so you know what is coming and when. Ed O’Donnell, our Web Master does a wonderful job of putting all of the information together and keeps several months active as space permits. Please check our Website often.


Computer Lab

Music and Slide Transfer areas

Joslyn Senior Center Annex 660 N. Mountain Ave Claremont Ca 91711

The Lab and classroom is open every Friday from 1 to 4:00 pm. The Techs hope to be able to solve your Computer related problems. Our Lab is located in the first door on the right as you enter from Mountain Ave. The Music and Slide Transfer areas are located in the front of our classroom. This can all be found in the Annex of the Joslyn Senior Center 660 N. Mountain Ave. Claremont. If you are in need of some tutoring you will find tutors available in the classroom

The techs welcome all of the challenges you bring along with whatever goodies you wish to share. Plan to stay with your Computer as they may need your input. You may want to check out some of the refurbished items they offer for a small donation. The techs are all volunteers from our club; and they endeavor to help with relatively minor problems. We are not in competition with commercial repair facilities. We will not hesitate to refer you to the professionals for major problems.

Everyone is welcome to the workshop, but Claremont Senior Computer Club members always have priority. Please be sure to sign in with one of our friendly greeters who serve to direct you for service. They will also show you around our facility and encourage you to join our club if you are not already a member. Remember, membership is free, and you are invited to attend our weekly meetings. We also have classes to improve your computer skills. So bring your problems and challenges to the gurus on Friday afternoons from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. You will enjoy the friendliness, enthusiasm and camaraderie……..and you may even get your problem solved!

CSCC 2017 Spring Class Schedule


Wednesday April 5, 2017

Introduction to Computers       10 am - 3 pm         $10 - includes Lunch

Wednesday April 19, 2017        

Digital Photography               9 am - 3 pm              $15 - includes Lunch


M/W/F 5/15 - 5/26/2017 

Windows 10    (6 lectures)         9 am - Noon          $35 - includes Book

You can sign up for classes at the reception desk of the Joslyn Senior Center (660 N. Mountain Avenue) or call for information about class schedules at


Click here for descriptions of the classes.


Every week we have an opportunity drawing which can be found at the front Left side of the Padua room, near the refreshments.

If you bring a guest to a weekly meeting and register them at the sign in table, you are eligible for a free ticket. Remember you can’t win if you don’t play.




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High Diving Giraffes


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The World’s 20 most amazing Bridges


Hazardous Waste Disposal

Saturday, February 11, from 9 am to 3 pm

The hazardous waste and e-waste disposal is this coming Saturday at the Claremont Corporate Yard, 161 Monte Vista Ave.

Open to all LA County residents.


Quick Tip Videos
Recorded by Don Brown

Jan 17, 2017

Quick Tip Video #16

Hidden App "Slide to Shut Down


 Jan 24, 2017

Quick Tip Video #17

Control Interruptions


Coming Attractions

Tuesday February 14

Fun Night


Alexander Hughes Community Center

Padua Room

1700 Danbury Rd. Claremont

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7:00 pm

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7:30 pm

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