Claremont Seniors Computer Club Bulletin

April 18, 2018


Greetings Computer Club Members: It has been sometime since I have sent out a Bulletin so I have a lot to cover in this one and it will be a long one.

As you are aware my health has declined and this will be my last year of serving as editor of the Bulletin I simply am not able to produce a bulletin on a regular basis. I have been very proud to have served in this capacity for the past 15 years but the need for finding a replacement has arrived. I will continue until the 12th of June which is our pot luck and final meeting of the season. I will be happy to assist anyone who succeeds me.

Remember this is where you will find everything of importance concerning our Club activities.  The upcoming program schedules for our meetings are also listed, as well as the Class schedules, so you know what is coming and when. Ed O’Donnell, our Web Master does a wonderful job of putting all of the information together and keeps several months active as space permits. Please check our Website often.


Computer Lab

Music and Slide Transfer areas

Joslyn Senior Center Annex 660 N. Mountain Ave Claremont Ca 91711

The Lab and classroom is open every Friday from 1 to 4:00 pm. The Techs hope to be able to solve your Computer related problems. Our Lab is located in the first door on the right as you enter from Mountain Ave. The Music and Slide Transfer areas are located in the front of our classroom. This can all be found in the Annex of the Joslyn Senior Center 660 N. Mountain Ave. Claremont. If you are in need of some tutoring you will find tutors available in the classroom

The techs welcome all of the challenges you bring along with whatever goodies you wish to share. Plan to stay with your Computer as they may need your input. You may want to check out some of the refurbished items they offer for a small donation. The techs are all volunteers from our club; and they endeavor to help with relatively minor problems. We are not in competition with commercial repair facilities. We will not hesitate to refer you to the professionals for major problems.

Everyone is welcome to the workshop, but Claremont Senior Computer Club members always have priority. Please be sure to sign in with one of our friendly greeters who serve to direct you for service. They will also show you around our facility and encourage you to join our club if you are not already a member. Remember, membership is free, and you are invited to attend our weekly meetings. We also have classes to improve your computer skills. So bring your problems and challenges to the gurus on Friday afternoons from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. You will enjoy the friendliness, enthusiasm and camaraderie……..and you may even get your problem solved!

In addition to the Friday Workshop the group Smarter Seniors with Cell Phones has been added and will be meeting on May 18, June 15, July 13, and August 17. They meet in the 2nd room on the right (across the hall from the Bob Binder Classroom).


CSCC Scheduled Classes at Joslyn Center   Mon-Wed-Fri   5/14 - 5/25

6 Classes Windows 10   9 am - Noon $35 - includes Book

You can sign up for classes at the reception desk of the Joslyn Senior Center (660 N. Mountain Avenue) or call for information about class schedules at 909-399-5488.




All entries shall be 8 x 10 Digital color photos only.  All photos shall be mounted on 11x14 in. mat; member has choice of color.

Eligibility:  Must be an active member (having attended 4 or more meetings during the preceding year). Members may only submit photos they have taken themselves. Entries are no longer limited to photos that have been taken in the past 12 months; however, photos that were previously submitted are not eligible. This is an amateur photo contest only – professional photographers are not eligible.


Members may submit only one entry per category, and are eligible to win in each category. The judges may also select a Most Humorous photo and photos for special recognition as Honorable Mention, but no awards will be given for these photographs.

Please attach a completed Entry Form with scotch tape to the back of each entry submitted.  Note that the bottom half will be removed with your name on it prior to submitting it for judging, therefore, please tape the entry so the bottom half can be easily cut off.  This will ensure that your entry is correctly entered.  Only the top half of the form will be seen by the judges.

The Grand Prize (Overall Winner/ Winner of one of the categories) will receive a $50.00 gift Certificate.  The 1st place winners in each of the remaining five categories will receive a $20.00 gift certificate.  The 2nd & 3rd place winners in each category will receive a $10.00 gift certificate. The gift certificates will be selected by the Board of Directors.

All entries will be included in the slide show and recognized as part of the Awards Night Presentation. To be included, members should e-mail copies of their entries as an attachment in JPEG format to Entries not submitted by e-mail will not be included in the PowerPoint presentation.

Deadline for submitting:  May 1, 2018 to Bill & Barbara Alwin or Chaim Rinde.

Awards will be presented at the club meeting on June 5, 2018.

Tips on preparing an entry for the Photo Contest

  1. Make a new folder in your photo file – label it 2018 Contest photos

  2. Go through your digital photos, and when you find a photo you really like – make a copy of it, and “paste” it into your 2018 Contest photos folder.

  3. Go through the photos you have placed in that folder, and chose the ones you want to submit.

  4. Open each photo, one at a time, and:
    - crop it to 8 x 10 size
    - if you wish, use your photo editing program to enhance, lighten or otherwise make your photo look the way you want.

  5. If you have a good color printer, print your photo onto photo paper as an 8 x 10 photo. If not, you can put it on a thumb drive and take it to Wal-Mart, Costco, Sam’s – or a variety of places – and have them print it in an 8 x 10 format for you.

  6. Purchase (or make) a mat for your 8 x 10 photo. Bill and I take the photos to Michaels (or Aaron Bros., or anyplace that sells pre-made mats) and match the photos to the mats that look best with them. Mats can run anywhere from $2 to $10 (or more, depending on where you buy them).

  7. Tape the photo to the back of the top piece of the mat, and then tape the back onto the matted photo.
    NOTE: Bill and I constantly re-use the mats from previous years. Taping them together is the easiest way to take them apart, so they can be re-used in the future.

  8. Fill out the entry form for each matted photo, and bring it to club on or before May 1st to enter the contest.

Bob Keith Memorial Photo Contest 2018


Use one form for each entry. Tape the form to the back of each photo.


Animals — Architecture — Flowers & Plants — Landscape — People — Other

Title: __________________________________________________

Optional information such as where & when was the photo taken: ________________________________________________________________


(Club use only: Entry #___________)



Your name: ____________________________________________


(Club use only: Entry #___________)




Every week we have an opportunity drawing which can be found at the front left side of the Padua room, near the refreshments.

If you bring a guest to a weekly meeting and register them at the sign in table, you are eligible for a free ticket. Remember you can’t win if you don’t play.


Jan 2 Mike Johnston, Jan 9 Barbara Marino, Jan 16 Orville Beaver, Jan 23 Sandy Skipper, Jan 30 Robert Scheffler, Feb 6 Robert Wright, Feb 13 Ann Rowe, Feb 20 Barbara Marino, Feb 27 Ann Rowe, March 27 Robert Wright , Apr 3 Bill Alwin, Apr 10 Lloyd Gastineau, Apr 17 Robert Wright


Site of the Week  Caroline Corser

Most everyone is aware that Caroline had a very unfortunate fall and broke her left arm and hip. If you would like her phone # I will be happy to give it to you over the phone. She has had surgery and is doing well and working hard at being able to return to our meetings.

I am unable to connect to the sites of the weeks prior to Caroline’s accident.

The Computer Club is still in search of a volunteer to take over as Treasurer as well as someone to serve as Program Chairman, now you will also need an Editor for the Bulletin as well as Hospitality.

Please give some thought to filling these positons as they are vital to the continuance of the Club. We can’t expect Bill Wilson to fill all of these positions. He is doing a wonderful job but does need some support.


Coming Attractions

April 24

Ask The Gurus

Alexander Hughes Community Center

Padua Room

1700 Danbury Rd. Claremont

Social Hour 7:00 pm

Meeting starts promptly at 7:30 pm


Claremont Seniors Computer Club

Barbara Marino